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The mighty Hakeem – Haji Kramat Ullah..

The knowledge of herbs is a tough knowledge and the acquision of it is difficult. People now a days rush to pharmacy and doctors without caring that the medicines they prescribe have tons of side effect. To cure people from the malice of medication we have devised a website where we have given all the information about the usefulness of herbs and the man who have Pioneered this initiative is known by the name of Hakeem Karamat Ullah..

Hakeem Karamat Ullah is the master of his trade and he is so efficient in his work that he has come to be known as Fazil ul Tibb wal jarahat. He is a registered Tabeeb from the National Council of Tibb. He was kind enough to join our pansar store to give his valued knowledge on helping people around the globe with herbs. He gives medical guidance to all our valued customers.

He started his Tibb education in 2001 from Tibbiya college Okada and he was such a great student of Tibb that he was offered the lectureship in the same college, now he render his teaching services in the same college he studied from. Since childhood ha was interested in the profound knowledge of herbs. Seeing his grandmother from the early age who was proficient in handling herbs he developed a profound liking of herbs. He decided very early in his life that he would be a Hakeem. He always wanted to render his knowledge in the services of humanity and he had greatly been succeeded.

The one person who inspired him to become a great influence in the field of Tibb is known as Hakeem Yakoob. He always wanted to follow his footsteps and he did that after his education.

Hakeem Karamat Ullah is the great advocate of herbal treatment of ailments. He says that medication is poisonous. He is aware of the side effects medicines has and he ask his customers to avoid going to the pharmacy. He also knows that people who are interested in herbal medication are often misled. He has a humane and generous nature and he want to render his valuable knowledge all those who seek it.. He is the most educated and loved member of his circle and we are lucky to have him in our panel.  He is of the view that herbs have no side effects and they are less expensive as compared to medicines. 

If you want any guidance regarding herbs or it’s treatment. Feel free to visit our website and if you want to have a call with the mighty Hakeem Karamat Ullah this option is also available. We are lucky to have him on the Al Rehman – Pakistan first online pansar store. If you want herbs on any kind feel free to visit our website. We have exquisite herbs available at affordable prices and we have categorized these herbs in detail in our website. The herbs are have are rich in value and they have the ability to cure diseases..