Indian Rennet Tea ( Paneer Booti Tea)


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Indian Cheese Maker Tea
Withania Coagulans Tea
پنیر بوٹی
پنیر کا ڈوڈا
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Treats Asthma

Paneer Dodi is an incredible herb that works well in improving lung functions and treat respiratory problems. Adding this herb to the diet is best known to ease the symptoms associated with asthma and averts the sudden attack of asthma.

Purifies Blood

Paneer Dodi acts as a natural blood purifier and pacifies the Vata dosha in the body. The richness of antioxidants supports to detoxify the system and cleanse the blood of impurities. Moreover, it also scavenges free radicals from damaging healthy cells in the system.

Heals Wounds

The exceptional restorative properties of Paneer Dodi support in healing wounds. The extract when applied topically on the wounds kills the pathogens and speed up the healing process.


50GM, 100GM

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